SunWater Project, Knalle School – Phase 2 (English)

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Great news to all SSA friends and heroes!

Thanks to you and your generosity during SunWater Phase 1, the
children, parents, and teachers of Knalle School today have access to
clean drinking water powered by the sun (see link below with details of
Phase 1).

We managed to complete SunWater Phase 1 with the bought and
installment of a new solar pump system in the well, put in the order
connections of water to the washing place with water cooler and water
tank and fix a water connection with tap between the two used teachers
houses. We even got some money left to start Phase 2 by raising a total of
93,019 SEK (approximately 10,000 USD) up to december 2020 with the
help of great friends like you from all around the world. 67 814 Sek of
this was used for payment of the solar pump system and the remaining
25 205 sek was used to complete the measures of water distribution
within phase 1 and start up the preparations for phase 2 (see below).
Another 11 660 sek that has come in to SSA after this was sent to Bara
now 8/4-2022 to be used for continuation of the fence around the
nutrition garden.

Let us continue the great work we started before the Covid-19 pandemic
to make the school greener and the kids & teachers healthier through
water powered by the sun.

Therefore SunWater Phase 2 fundraising is starting now, and
with your support our plan is to reach our fundraising target by the end
of April 2022, before the cultivation season starts.

Fundraising Target of SunWater Phase 2
In order for us to succeed with the vision of Sunwater 2 we need to raise
at least another 50,000 SEK.

Vision of SunWater Phase 2:
● Knalle school to be self-sufficient on fruits and vegetables all year
around, either by direct use or by the gains made by selling the
fruits and vegetables from the nutrition garden.
● A Knalle school surrounded by greenery, enough to hinder sand

With your continued help, within the SunWater Phase 2, we can improve
the nutritional situation of the children, teach the children about
ecologically friendly methods of cultivation and make the teachers stay at
the school where the nutrition garden has a great role to play.

This is what has been done within Phase 2 so far with
voluntary work and the already collected money: 
● Feasibility study
● Preparation of the 6 acres big area that shall become the nutrition
garden by hand and, at one occasion, with escavator. Bushes has
been taken away and the surface flattened etc.
● The old outer school fence that was in bad shape at large parts
covered by a lot of sand has been lifted up, repaired and installed
again in the north border of the school and in parts of the borders
to the west and east that all of them also shall serve as borders for
the nutrition garden.
● Some seedlings has been bought and there are 40 seedlings of
mango and orange trees now temporarily taken care of in another
place that shall be planted in the school nutrition garden
● Some connections and links from the water tank and out is already

This is what we want to do within the SunWater Phase 2 that
still remains to be done:
● Repairing the water tank
● Installing an irrigation system for distribution of water by drop
irrigation as main source for watering seedlings, vegetables and
some of the trees.
● Planting the prepared 6 acres land with seedlings of fruit trees that
can give fruits like Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit and Mango and
plant vegetables like tomatoes, cucumber, pumpkin, watermelon

● Completing the iron fence, equipped with strong wire, around the
hole nutrition garden by continue in the south inner part heading
to the school adding an entrance with doors and complete what is
remaining in the east and west borders. This is essential to be done
before starting the cultivation to protect the are against drifting
sand and crossing of animals and people.
● Acacia Senegal and Nabak etc. may be planted, especially at the
west side of the nutrition garden to hinder sand drift and improve
soil. If everything goes well Acacia Senegal can after some years
even produce gum arabic to be sold.

After the nutrition garden is put in to use:
● A part of the orchard with tree plants and vegetables will be
managed completely by the children together with their teachers as
a part of the democracy project SSF started up in the school. We
also expect that they will get support and educational activities
from university teachers and other agricultural experts.
● All vegetables and fruit trees grow ecologically friendly without the
use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Crop rotation over the year
will be used for optimal land protection and effective farming.

We will continuously update the plans and progress with pictures.

You can donate via bank, Swish or Paypal (international)!

Swedish Sudanese Association

  • Swedish Sudanese Association / Svensk Sudanska Föreningen
  • Bankgiro: 5295-7594 or Swish: 1233794732
  • or click and pay through PayPal for International donations
  • Important, write in the payment message (OCR / Reference): SunWater


For detailed budget of Irrigation system, fencing and water tank maintenance (PDF):  Knalle School SunWater Phase 2 – Orchard Budget 2022









SunWaterPhase 1 (completed 2020): 

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