SSA Scholarships 2021


Since 2003, the Swedish Sudanese Association (SSA) has been running a scholarship program for Knalle School students in Sudan (North west of Bara, North Kordufan). With the support of a local school committee, consisting of the SSA’s longtime representative in Bara Ms. Nadera Ayoub and other teachers and school inspectors in Bara.

The goal is that every year 2 girls and 2 boys shall be awarded a scholarship for 3 years of study in high school and 1 girl and 1 boy who receive support for up to 4 years of study at university. The scholarships are paid out through annual payments and are canceled immediately if the students drop out of their studies. In addition, smaller prizes are awarded to the most study-motivated students in each class.

It’s with pride as we can now say that several students went all the way from first grade to university degree with support from the Swedish Sudanese Association. Thanks to all donors over 50 students have been able to continue study and finish high school, and over 30 of them have earned a university degree with the help of the scholarships.

We believe that education and knowledge are the key to development in the area and a necessary foundation to be able to create a richer and more prosperous life and society.

For year 2021 the budget of the Scholarship program is totally 15,000 SEK (see below for budget details). Until today 25th December 2020 we have got 12,000 SEK from kind donors in Sweden. Which means we need to raise the remaining 3000 SEK before end of 2020. We hope you can contribute to SSAs scholarships program.

Donate through:

  • Bankgiro: 5295-7594, OCR: Knalle School
  • Swish: 1233794732, Message: Knalle School
  • PayPal:, Message: Knalle School

More info about Knalle School and the Scholarship program can be found here on this website (Swedish) and in the latest Annual Report (English).You can also contact us via email, Facebook and Twitter.


Budget of SSA Scholarships 2021

Total target in 2021: 15,000 SEK

Knalle School Incentives (Year 1-7):

  • 100 USD (encouragement for two girls and two boys in each class/grade, which results in few dollars per child, raising with age).

Scholarships (High School, 3 yrs): 600 USD

  • 1st year 200 USD (two girls and two boys – 50 USD each)
  • 2nd year 200 USD (two girls and two boys – 50 USD each)
  • 3rd year 200 USD (two girls and two boys – 50 USD each)

Scholarships (University, 4 years): 800 USD

  • 1st year 200 USD (one girl and one boy – 100 USD each)
  • 2nd year 200 USD (one girl and one boy – 100 USD each)
  • 3rd year 200 USD (one girl and one boy – 100 USD each)
  • 4th year 200 USD (one girl and one boy – 100 USD each)

Total Budget: 1500 USD

Our fundraising target for SSA Scholarships 2021 is thereby 15,000 SEK.

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